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New America Power Staff

Steve Esposito

President & CEO

Steve Esposito is the President and CEO at New America Power. Steve founded New America Power in 2010 when he foresaw the growing need that commercial businesses would have when the competitive energy-choice market expanded in the Northeast states.  Steve recognized the necessity for an experienced brokering and consulting company that could guide clients through the maze of energy procurement and assist them in making effective, knowledgable, and economical energy decisions.  Mr. Esposito oversees the day-to-day operations and guides the strategy and direction for the company's business.  He is responsible for all elements of client engagement, including client assistance in identification of energy objectives, development and implementation of strategic energy plans and programs, and assessment of performance.  He leads a team of experts in strategic planning, energy audits and economic analyses, energy market analysis and forecasting, load profiling, procurement strategies, demand reduction and rate and policy analysis.

Steve approaches each and every one of his clients prudently and takes the time to understand their energy needs. "Not every client's requirements are the same, each have their own usage pattern and specific profile. Some are looking for alternative energy suppliers, some for alternative energy sources, others for upgrades in efficiency or energy management. I explain the options available to my clients and offer my experience and knowledge of the industry.  We're not a one size fits all company, and neither are you."

Steve has been active in Hunger Nutrition Coalition of Bucks County, and Habitat for Humanity.  He's a member of the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce, The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, Business Clubs of America (BCA), Bucks County Business Council, and the Bucks County Economic Development Corp.  Steve was a long time member of the Philadelphia Sport and Social Club and now enjoys spending his free time golfing, fishing and cooking/grilling for his wife and two children and anyone else who shows up at his house.

Lonnie Barish


Lonnie Barish is a partner with New America Power (NAP).  He provides energy procurement and management services to diverse clients of all sizes, including commercial and industrial businesses, government/educational entities, and nonprofits.  He has personally contracted over 20 million sq. ft. of commercial space and 17,800 residential units throughout the Tri-State area.  He joined New America Power in 2011.

Mr. Barish was responsible for the project management, project development, and construction management of real estate development on behalf of several publicly traded institutions, and private developers throughout the United States. Mr. Barish has 10 years of commercial and residential Real Estate experience.

Mr. Barish has served as Vice President of GEMCO Inc. Global Events Management Company.  He was involved in the development of a real estate investment company that focused on rehabs, new construction, and University living.

Mr. Barish is a member of several organizations including The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, Program Committee member of JFRE (Jewish Federation Real Estate), member of the Business Clubs of America (BCA), Board member of Klein Life, Committee member of the Jewish Publishing Group, and member of the Bucks County Economic Development Corp.  

Dan Esposito

V.P. of Sales

Dan Esposito is an experienced energy professional who advises a broad range of regional and national clients, both in the U.S. and in Europe. In addition to electricity and natural gas procurement, Dan advises clients on energy efficiency upgrades, Demand Response and energy data management services.  Prior to New America Power, Mr. Esposito was a manager of commercial energy accounts for a national energy broker and was a national rep for Washington Mutual Bank. Dan's finance experience has played an important role in  negotiating and securing loans for his client's energy efficiency projects. 

Dan holds a bachelor's degree from Millersville University in Communication where he was a member of the football team and captain of his track team.  He is also an active member of the NFL Alumni Association.

Bob Goldstein

Senior Energy Consultant

Bob Goldstein has been in the direct business-to-business sales industry for over 30 years. He came to New America Power in December 2011.  Bob's primary focus is negotiating savings for his clients for their electricity and natural gas purchases, as well offering them lighting and efficiency upgrades through controls and/or LED lighting.  Bob's clients have been very pleased with their cost savings and energy efficiency success and he maintains over a 90% client retention rate. A few of Mr. Goldstein's clients are national franchisee owners of Chick-fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, and Manhattan Bagels. Mr. Goldstein is a member of the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association so he works closely with restaurants and hotel owners and managers to build relationships and meet the energy needs of each business.

Bob has recently expanded his client portfolio to property management companies as he seeks to equip them with the knowledge they need to make prudent choices to properly manage and reduce their or their client's energy related expenses. Mr. Goldstein is a proud board member of All Vets USA.

Chris Genther

Senior Energy Consultant

Chris Genther has been a Sales/Marketing and Business Development professional for over 25 years.  He understands that listening to people and developing a relationship that is rooted in trust, is key to delivering the right solution to each and every client. Chris also recognizes the on-going account management aspect of a valued business partner and strives to apply these principles to every situation he encounters. 

Having spent 15 years with Comcast-Spectacor as the Senior Account Executive of Premium Seating at the Wells Fargo Center, Mr. Genther has developed a keen understanding of the corporate landscape in the tri-state area. He has forged many long lasting relationships throughout the business community and has been responsible for providing affordable solutions to hundreds of companies. Since 2011, Mr. Genther has been involved in the Utilities Industry.  He worked for Volunteer Energy, opening up the Philadelphia market for Natural Gas and Electricity supply.  He was responsible to every client for analysis, procurement, forecasting, auditing and energy management strategies. 

Chris spends a lot of his free time coaching youth/high school sports.  He is active in AAU basketball and has also coached football. He and his wife spend a fair amount of time watching their twin sons' games.