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What is deregulation?

Energy deregulation is where some states have allowed customers to purchase their energy (electricity and natural gas) from alternative energy producers rather than just being forced to buy from their local utility company. The benefit is that the consumer now has competitive markets rather than a regulated monopoly setting the prices.

Should I support deregulation?

Yes. Energy deregulation is good for everyone. In deregulated markets, customers have a choice between their public utility and alternative providers. Additionally, deregulation does not mean you have to change your service—only that you have a choice.

What is the role of my local utility company?

Your local utility company delivers the electricity that flows into your home. The utility company is responsible for the lines, poles, pipes, meters, power outages, repairs, and other issues with how energy gets to your home. For example, if a storm blows down a power line or a car hits a utility pole, your utility company still fixes the problem and restores your power.

Your utility company continues to be responsible for:

  • Delivery of electricity to all users in their service area
  • Reliability and safety of the electricity or natural gas distribution system
  • Maintenance of the poles, wires, and pipes
  • Meter readings and maintenance
  • Providing customer services related to the electricity or natural gas distribution system such as cable/pipe locations and 24-hour emergency service
  • Connecting and disconnecting the customer's property to the electricity or natural gas distribution system

Will my electric be interrupted when I change from utility supply to third party supply?

The transition is seamless. All you'll notice is your new electric rate and savings. It's that easy.

Who would I contact in an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, you would contact your local utility.   For reference, visit your local utilities website.

Who do I pay?

You continue to pay your current utility. They will still send you just one monthly bill and will continue to make the payment to them. Nothing changes except your electrical supplier and the supply rate. If you wish to change your current payment method you can do so through the utility.

Is it ok to switch?


"It's great that so many of our customers - of all sizes - are taking advantage of the competitive marketplace and purchasing the electricity they use from competitive suppliers. This is a win-win for our customers. Not only can they save money by shopping with a competitive supplier, they also can rest easy knowing that PECO will continue to safely deliver their electricity, provide billing and customer support, and respond to outages and other emergencies."

-Denis O'Brien, president and CEO of PECO

"The bottom line is that it neither hurts nor helps PPL Electric Utilities if you shop. Rather, it's in your interest to explore all of the options you may have. That's why we're encouraging all our customers to do so."

-David G. DeCampli, president PPL Electric Utilities

"The utility is not losing any business. It still makes money off every customer who gets power through its wires, much as a turnpike collects a toll from every vehicle because it owns the road."
"Peco [and other utilities] are agnostic about where you get your power. They don't care. So go out there and save money."

-Robert F. Powelson, Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission

How do I get started?

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