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About New America Power

Experienced Energy Advisors

New America Power provides energy procurement and management services to diverse clients of all sizes, including commercial and industrial businesses, government/educational entities, and nonprofits.

We are your single source for saving money on your energy bills today and in the future. We will help you determine the best energy options and implement energy saving products and practices.

Why We are the Best

New America Power was founded on the principle that our clients' interests always come first.  Our skilled and qualified staff collectively offers over 30 years of experience in the energy industry.

Our Line of Services - NAP can almost be your single source for all things energy related.  We provide a well rounded line of services comprised of energy load reduction, efficiency upgrades, including LED lighting and design, energy audits and energy bill audits, energy procurement, benchmarking, solar consulting and installation, REC purchasing and Green Energy procurement.

Long-Term Relationship - We strive to deliver a premier client experience and maintain a 95% retention rate that results from being committed to delivering real, tangible value to our clients.

Continuous Market Watch - With the highly volatile commercial energy market, where timing is everything, you can lean on our experience to leverage volatility to your advantage.

Client Reputation - Knowledgeable clients seek solutions specific to their business needs. We assist our clients by understanding their goals and needs, proactively seeking solutions, and providing resources to help them make educated decisions.

How we will help you:

In an era of commodity price volatility, technology advances, renewable energy and sustainable solutions, and a dynamic regulatory environment, New America Power helps our clients strike the proper balance among capital and operating spending, price stability and market risk, and establishing and achieving sustainability and "green" objectives.

New America Power was founded with the primary intent of helping our business clients manage energy needs for both the supply and demand.  Our mission is to educate our clients on today's energy choices and market conditions, so that they may reduce their energy costs and foot print, and implement environmentally conscious energy practices and strategies while continuing to focus on their core business needs.