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Commercial Energy Procurement

energy imageThanks to energy deregulation, organizations can now manage and control their energy investment in ways never before thought possible. As your energy procurement consultant, New America Power advises organizations on how to buy, use and manage energy to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

Our objective is the same as yours - to obtain the most economical supply arrangement available. Through New America Power's relationship with the largest and most reliable energy providers, you'll have access to highly competitive pricing and a full array of energy management products and services that help you identify, understand, and manage the variables that affect the price you pay for electricity. 

Simplifying the purchase and management of energy requires a thorough understanding of power generation and delivery, and their impact on prices. We understand these factors better than anyone.

Natural Gas

Our experts specialize in natural gas and will provide you the most cost effective natural gas products based upon your needs.

We will work to deliver inexpensive natural gas to commercial and industrial markets.

Natural gas is believed by many to be the most important energy source for the future. The abundance of natural gas, worldwide as well as domestically, coupled with its environmental soundness and multiple applications across all sectors, means that natural gas will continue to play an increasingly important role in meeting demand for energy in the United States.

Natural gas is a popular fuel choice because it burns cleaner, hotter, and brighter than other fossil fuels like coal and oil. It's also reliable. Because natural gas pipes are buried safely underground, you aren't likely to lose service during stormy weather.

Online Auctions

By connecting energy buyers with multiple suppliers in a structured online auction, New America Power delivers buyers a significant advantage.

Energy suppliers are constantly competing against each other to secure clients.  We can facilitate an online auction where these suppliers bid in real time for your business which drives the prices down with each bid.  

We will confirm that the suppliers are working with the same terms, and can lock in the best available pricing and contract with less purchase risk.


Securing the best commercial electricity rates can be a  challenging process, but New America Power's experts make the process easy.  We help you manage the risks and reap the rewards of buying commercial electricity in a deregulated market.  

New America Power will compare current electricity offers, the terms, and present you with the best option(s).  Use the form at the bottom of the page, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Energy Curtailment

Once or twice a year the electric grid experiences a high degree of stress (usually in summer).  In order to reduce the strain on the grid, demand response programs have been developed by the utilities and grid operators.

When this grid instability occurs, thousands of businesses like yours reduce their electric use and help to prevent blackouts or brownouts. The events typically last from 1 to 4 hours (max 4 hours)

In exchange for this commitment to reduce electric once or twice a year, the participating companies receive significant $$$.

You receive a day-ahead notification of the need to reduce to allow you to shift processes or employees temporarily or otherwise put your reduction plan in place.

There is NO COST at any time

There are NO PENALTIES if you fail to reduce when you are called upon.

As part of your participation, you may be entitled to advanced interval metering (if so, this is free).  This will help you save even more money on yo0ur energy bills.

Reducing electricity during these times makes sense even without the money, since the voltage fluctuations that occur can easily damage your facility's equipment.